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"Lucky Jack" Aubrey
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Jack is large, both in size and personality. A tall man, and by no means slender, he has long blonde hair, earning himself the nickname 'Goldilocks' among some of his men.

Aubrey arrives on the island from the beginning of the Mauritius Command.

1 jolly-boat with oars (small dinghy/boat with 4 oars and yawl rigged sails)
1 pair breeches
1 belt, leather
1 shirt, linen
1 pair boots, leather
1 pair socks, knitted and darned
1 leather thong for hair
1 heavy canvas bag containing, some bits pork and bread in cloth wrapper, 1 brass
spyglass, 1 pistol, with shot and priming kit, one knife

Neither Jack Aubrey nor Russell Crowe belong to me. This is a roleplaying journal for entertainment purposes only. The player is legally an adult.

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